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Banner Counseling Videos 

Our goal for these videos is to showcase what a typical therapy sessions may look like. Our hope is that defining some of these behaviors and talking out solutions will add value to your life and your relationships.

Defining Codependency 

In this insightful and informative conversation, two experienced therapists from Banner Counseling in Fayetteville, NC (Kelli and Michelle) delve into the intricate dynamics of codependency and its profound impact on individuals and their relationships. 

Highlighting the subtle yet pervasive nature of codependent behaviors, this conversation sheds light on how this pattern can manifest in everyday scenarios, drawing from real-life examples to illustrate its implications.

Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of codependency and its potential to undermine personal well-being and relationship dynamics. Through an engaging dialogue, the Kelli and Michelle offer valuable insights and practical strategies to identify and address codependent patterns, empowering viewers to foster healthier, more balanced connections.

Whether you're striving for greater self-awareness or seeking to navigate the intricacies of codependency within your relationships, this compelling discussion provides a wealth of knowledge and guidance to support your personal growth journey.


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